How to program Atoms Pro Garage Opener Remote

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Programming Atoms Pro Garage Opener Remote

  1. Connect the Opener to an approved power source. The dot in the LED display stays ON.
  2. Press the SET button the Garage Opener for one second, and release the button until the LED displace shows letter “P”.
  3. Within 30 seconds press any button on the remote that you would like to program to the opener.
  4. Once the button on the remote is programmed the LED segment will be off and emits one beep indicating the programming successfully.

Erasing all the Remote Controls from Opener

  1. Press the [Set] button for 15 seconds. When the LED display flashes “E”, release the [Set] button.
  2. Press the [Set] button again to confirm all the programmed remotes have been erased.
  3. The dot in the LED display stays on indicating that erasing the programmed remotes has been successful.

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