Universal Garage Door Remote Control Kit – Skylink

$80.00 $60.00

Compatible with any Garage Door Opener Brand!

The Universal garage door remote control is designed to work with any garage door opener brands to give you the convenience, secure access to your garage and home.


  • Compatible with any Garage Door Opener Brand.
  • Simply install the Receiver over your Garage Door Wall Button/Console with just two screws.
  • Rolling Code Technology:
    Encrypted codes for enhanced security each time a signal is transmitted.
  • Operating Range is up to 150ft. in an open area.
  • Expandable with up to 16 Remote Controls (Model: LK-318) to a Smart Control Receiver.
  • Add more Receivers (Model: MF-318) to control up to 3 different garage doors seperatly with the 3-Button Keychain Remote.
  • Enable the optional Passcode Protection on the Keychain Remote and enter a passcode before using it just like your Smartphone, to prevent break-in to your homes if
    your remote is lost or stolen. T
    he password can be 2-8 digits long from a combination of button 1, 2 and 3.
  • The Passcode feature saves you from accidental opening/closing your garage door.
  • Smart Control Receiver  is operated by two low cost AA Alkaline battery.
  • Smart Control Receiver can be powered with a AC Adapter (Optional).
  • FCC/IC approved.
  • One year warranty.


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