Warranty: a) Limited 1 year labor warranty- Full warranty for the 1st month which includes the installation, operation and aesthetic related to the garage door and opener. b) If opener is provided by the customer then we are only responsible for the installation and not the product. c) After the 1st month, the warranty will cover only the limited operation of the garage door and opener. d) No aesthetic related issues like weather stripping, scratches on the door while using the door by the customer, noise which might occur with the time, will not be covered in warranty and can be solved by normal lubrication or adjustment of moving items by the customer. Customer can call for instruction if needed or visit our website for the same. Limitations to warranty: i) Metal doors cannot be perfectly sound proof and can make some noise during movement. ii) Weather stripping cannot be perfectly straight or 100% air tight from inside which might lead to some amount of visible light or air leakage. As it depends on the framing of the garage door which can be uneven. e) 10 years limited warranty- It will cover only manufacturing defects like splitting and cracking from the manufacturer which are visible from 8-10 ft. of the door. No labor warranty after 1 year. Warranty Claim Procedure: If the consumer suspects a defect in material or workmanship which may justify a warranty claim (no glass warranty): Customer advised to send the below information to My Garage Solutions email: sales@mygaragesolutions.com, with a Subject: Warranty claim a) Customer name b) Address c) Clear digital picture of a warranty defect (attached to email) d) Description of the issues. Please note: If you cannot provide photos and a technician is dispatched a charge may be implemented if the product in question does not require service.