Why Garage Door Springs break?

Why Garage Door Springs break?

Garage door springs can break for a number of reasons. It could be that the spring was not adjusted or maintained properly, extreme temperature changes or simply wear and tear over time. Do you have old and rusted garage door springs and a dented and rusted torsion pipe? We recommend replacement because they can very easily break. A tension or torsion spring is under a great deal of pressure. It makes a very loud noise when it breaks and could injure people or damage cars nearby. When a garage door spring has broken, the door will not move at all. Usually, a garage door spring breaks when you have already closed the door, however, sometimes it may snap when the door is up or in motion. Should this occur, the door will come down very quickly. For safety reasons it is best not to operate the door when it is in this condition. Arrange for your garage door repairs as soon as possible to avoid injuries.

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