What is a Garage Door with Man Door?

What is a Garage Door with Man Door?

What is a Walk-through Garage Door with Man Door

  • Garage Door with Man Door, also known as Walk-through garage doors, pedestrian garage doors or personnel doors, are small doors built into larger garage doors that allow people to enter and exit the garage without to having to open the entire garage door. They are typically located on the side of the garage door and can be opened independently of the main garage door.

Uses of a Garage Door with Man Door

  • Walk-through garage doors are useful for several reasons. First, they provide an easy way to enter and exit the garage without having to open and close the entire garage door, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming. This is especially convenient if you use your garage for storage or as a workspace, as you may need to enter and exit the garage frequently throughout the day.
  • Second, walk-through garage doors provide an additional layer of security. Since they are smaller than the main garage door, they are typically made with thicker, more durable materials and are more difficult to break into. Additionally, if your main garage door is automated and can be opened with a remote, a walk-through door can provide a way to enter and exit the garage without having to use the remote, which can be lost or stolen.

What are your options for installation?

  • Option 1: DIY Approach: Consider purchasing a garage door with pedestrian access that suits your space. If you possess moderate skills in carpentry or mechanics, you could hang it yourself. Just ensure that your garage door mechanics can support the additional weight that a pedestrian door might add.Option 2: Hiring a Professional: Opting for professional assistance is unquestionably the safest route. Given the complexities involved in installing a walk-through garage door, a skilled garage door technician can guarantee seamless functionality. Many manufacturers provide their own technicians, or you can explore local options for independent technicians experienced in installing doors from your chosen manufacturer.
  • Overall, walk-through garage doors are a convenient and secure addition to any garage. They can be custom-built to match the style and color of your main garage door, and can be equipped with locks and other security features to provide extra peace of mind.

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