Broken Garage Door Cable?

Broken Garage Door Cable?

A garage door cable can also break. Usually, it is only one of the cables that break at a time and as the garage door is opening. Cables usually break after years of use and normal wear and tear. When a garage door cable breaks, both cables will need to be replaced in order to ensure that the tension is balanced and prevent the other cable from also breaking. When there is a problem on the one side of the garage door mechanics, we usually need to attend to both sides. This is because the garage door must be properly balanced in order to work most efficiently. Having an unbalanced garage door can cause damage which will need to be repaired down the line. Therefore, even if just one spring or cable breaks, we need to replace both springs or cables respectively. According to the type of door system, the cables wind around cable drums or pulley wheels. These too can become worn and need replacing.

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